Public Invasion 0: My Type Of Chick

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Public Invasion 0: My Type Of Chick

Robert had just missed his bus that he need to catch to head into town. So he sees a pretty girl sitting waiting for the next on. She has a really beautiful face and a super hot body and she can speak great english. As we know Robert loves to talk and eventually gets her to start talking about sexual experiances. He offers her some money to go in deep with this convo. She is getting so turned on and Robert has this ability to see that automatically that he asks her if he gave her some money would she suck his dick a little, lol. She told him that he was crazy but she was down. They way she sucks cock is amazing and Robert asked her what would her boyfriend think about all his. She replied by saying that he is not her, MY TYPE OF CHICK, lol. She is so beyond horny that she is dying for our friend Robert to fuck her nice. He bangs her out all over her face....mission complete, lol.

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