1000 Facials Charmane Star

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1000 Facials Charmane Star

Amer-Asian pole smoker Charmane has got the best abs in the porn business! Her flat belly and tight muscular physique was not earned in a gym doing crunches she got it in the bedroom bucking and writhing in bed as one man after another made full use of her sexy Asian fuckholes! The best exercise according to Charmane is being fucked hard while she is on her back so she can flex her stomach to tighten-up on her costar's cock. Of course even the best excercise doesn't help much without paying close attention to her diet as well... so Charmane is always eager to enjoy some of nature's best protein supplement... pure hot sticky cum! This facial is one that fitness freak Charmane will never forget! - Relentless

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