1000 Facials Lanny Barbie

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1000 Facials Lanny Barbie

During the years that we have been working toward our goal of 1000 Facials we have filmed a lot of pretty girls and pumped out massive cumshot facials on each of them but few have been as famous or as infamous as legendary Lanny Barbie. Back in the day she was a Penthouse Pet and a softcore centerfold for a lot of other mens magazines... and as the story goes she even promised them that she would never do hardcore. Well that was a lot of cocks ago because if this filthy brunette had as many cocks sticking out of her as she has had stuck in her - she would look like a fucking pin-cushion! 1000 Facial fans rejoice because this update features the perfect canvas for your dick to paint on!Few women look as pretty wearing a cumshot as Lanny Barbi- Relentless

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