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1000 Facials Whitney Stevens

Whitney Stevens is still new to the skin business and yet she has already had a meteoric rise to the top of the industry because of her angelic face all natural D-cups and can-do attitude. We brought her in to film for Meat My Ass but she kept telling us that 1000 Facials has always been her favorite website. We were shocked to hear her telling us that before she became a starlet she was actually a member of this website! We always figured we had some female members and we imagined they were hotties but this is the first time that we know of a gal who has crossed over from being a member of our site to becoming a top name pornstar. You can tell Whitney has watched our work because she gives a fantastic performance in this episode and we barely had to coach her at all. It does make us wonder how many other sexy ladies are downloading this clip right now and considering contacting us for a chance to star in the movies instead of watching them.Hopefully Whitney is the first of many sexy female members to make the leap- Relentless

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