1st Interracial Lexi Love

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1st Interracial Lexi Love

Every now and then we hit a party or a club and we run into a chick that blows our minds last week we hit the jack pot. While out on hollywood my little home saw 3 chicks waiting in line that where getting shit my the doorman so I told them that the chicks where with me. Turns out one of the hotties was the sexy Lexi Love. That night we didnt even make it back to the crib we fucked in the parking lot of the club so I told her I just had to shoot her for the site She came to the house bounced up and down on my dick and fucked me so good she squirted TWICE I had to mop the floor after I busted a big load in her mouth so check out Lexi getting fucked by so good black dick.

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