Mommy Blows Best Kylie Ireland

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Mommy Blows Best Kylie Ireland

There's something about red hair that practically guarantees that a woman is going to be a total freak in the sack. When that woman is Kylie Ireland you can be doubly sure that she's going to be sexual napalm. Kylie is a porn legend and at 39 years old she knows how to suck a man's cock until his toes curl. She starts by stripping slowly so that we can admire her toned MILF body (count the freckles!) and then goes to work on that cock with a super-wet saliva-soaked blowjob. Kylie Ireland needs no instruction in dick-sucking. When she's not taking that cock to the back of her throat she's jerking the shaft and tickling the balls with her tongue. All you have to do is sit back unzip and let this redhead MILF show you the time of your life.Next time we'll have to see if the curtains match the drapes!*Monique*

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