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MyXXXPass Brandi Lace

Brandi Lace was at the porn studio filming a quick blowjob video before heading out to the airport for her flight home. Just a few minutes after swallowing a load of cum in her blowjob video and washing up Brandi found out her flight had been canceled. Some pornstars would get upset by that sort of news but not Brandi Lace. She saw the delay as an opportunity and quietly asked 'So does anyone else want to fuck me?' That's not a question a girl as pretty as Brandi ever has to ask twice! This bonus fuck features some excellent deep pounding one on one action and a big mouthful of cum for Brandi to swallow - which is even sexier now that you know it was her second drink of jizz in less than hour.Sometimes Flight Delays Can Be Fun!- Relentless

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