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MyXXXPass Chloe Chanel

Chloe Chanel starts off complaining that it's 110 degrees outside and her makeup is melting off so she gets herself an ice pop but you ain't seen NOTHING yet! She cools down a bit with her nice cold pop trickled all along her perfect body and down toward her swollen clit. The frozen cherry-red popsicle drips its juice down between her tits. This blonde cumslut will have you hard as a rock and you've got her all to yourself! To keep clean and cool she takes a seat by the pool and uses the garden hose to soak herself. It's like a one woman self-induced hydro-bukkake that you will not want to miss. This is one hot vixen who finds a whole host of ways to cool herself down while heating you up!The cooler Chloe gets the hotter you will become - Relentless

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