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At we take the email feedback from all of our members very seriously. Recently we got an email from SharonD19 a member of the site who happens to be deaf. She claimed in her email that porn is much better if the girls know it is being filmed with no sound because they try harder and become much more expressive as a result. The way Sharon explained it we knew we had to test out what she was saying so we filmed this special bonus scene for her (and for you) with no microphone! See if you notice the extra energy and passion Jenna Lane put into her facial expressions as she sucked cock and caught cum knowing that the moans she makes and the slurping noises she is used to giving her fans would not be able to to be heard by anyone in this experimental porn video. We actually think the result is kind of cool and wanted to thank Sharon for the idea we included it as a Bonus Scene - so don't worry you get this *AND* the other loud porn you love as well with your daily updates. If you have an idea for a new scene or a new kind of porn video email us... you never know it just might be the Bonus Scene next time! SharonD19 Presents Jenna Lane Mouth Fucked In Silence! - Relentless

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