Stuffed Petite Addison Rose

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Stuffed Petite Addison Rose

There's something extra sexy about kissing a girl and having her be petite enough that you can look *down* into her eyes as your lips and tongues caress each other. This scene stars a tiny little lady named Addison Rose who you may not have seen much of before but when you get done watching her you'll be seeing her a whole lot more often every time you have a daydream! She's one of those rare girls who looks like a normal everyday chick who you once dated or met at a friend's house. There's something so familiar about her. We dressed her in a simple cut-off denim skirt to add to her girl next door charm and we skipped the pre-fuck interview so you could be better immersed in the moment from your POV like that time you took a ski-trip and met that girl at the lodge. Addison doesn't talk much or moan a whole lot but if you listen to her breathing you can really get a feeling for her sexual pulse. She's the kind of girl who can't fake it you always know when she is about to cum because her petite pussy tightens up just enough to squeeze some juice out all long the shaft of your dick. Try not to cum til the end... she makes it a hell of a challenge!You've fucked a girl just like Addison - and that makes it even hotter!- Relentless

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