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Stuffed Petite Gigi

So...many of you may have been asking "Where is that elusive third scene of Gigi?" Well HERE YA GO!!! A thief had stolen this scene and a few others from the vault and the police finally got them back after all this time. You know how the cops can be... So not to delay any longer here is Gigi again!! Her petite little body petite little voice and tiny "half-sized" pussy make her the perfect candidate for StuffedPetite again!! After a looksy at her beautiful body and plump smooth little ass Gigi gets straight to business and goes down town: takes that train all the way down her throat!!! She proudly exclaims that her job is to make all of us members happy!!! She says she's happy when we're happy so I guess she's the happiest little slut this side of the Pacific 'cause I know I'm smilin'!! This scene comes well equipped with lots of close-ups and wispy dainty moans!! All of Gigi's talking directly to me through the camera was certainly enough to get MY pussy glistening with juices!!! I don't see any men around. I must go out and find a Cock to stuff ME while my coochie's hot and wet!!See you around... **Neecie** --StuffedPetite Team Member

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