Stuffed Petite Lela Starr

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Stuffed Petite Lela Starr

A Petite Pounding!!! For as tiny as Lela Starr is she takes that big ol' cock like a champ!!! Her pussy gets completely rammed for over half the scene!! As a girl I can tell you she probably couldn't have been able to walk off set to save her life!!! This is another one of those dainty little girls that can take a schlong like a pro!!! By the incredible sex faces this little vixen makes you just KNOW that she is getting off with every hard pounding!! "Slap my titties!" You say? "Okay Lela you get your wish you dirty girl!!" And oh my god... She takes that dick all the way down to the base!! I don't know if there is anything this girl can't do!! We even get her in my favorite position.... on her knees cock in mouth hands held behind her back and getting her ass slapped!! Damn!! That submissive position just gets my cunt all wet and slick and quivering for a rock hard cock!!! I've told you boys before and I'm sayin' it again -- "Sometimes we women like it soft... but when we want it rough WE WANT TO BE FUUUUUUUUCKED!!!!" Thank YOU StuffedPetite for never letting us down!! Sucks and Giggles--NeecieStuffedPetite Team Member

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