Stuffed Petite Lexi Belle

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Stuffed Petite Lexi Belle

Meet the lovely Lexi Belle.....this girl is like a textbook definition of hot and especially petite. She almost makes you want to be careful at first afraid to get too wild with her! She's just as cute as she can be and one of the most innocent looking girls you'll ever see at first glance. But looks can be deceiving-this is one horny and passionate petite blonde! She starts off with a playful blowjob that quickly turns into a facefucking and before long she's aching to get that pussy stuffed! For such a dainty girl that you'd be afraid to get really aggressive with she sure can take one hell of a pounding which she eagerly does in every position (she's quite flexible!). By the end she's begging for it harder and faster and licks up the cum with a smile!

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