Stuffed Petite Rachel Roxxx

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Stuffed Petite Rachel Roxxx

Rachel Roxxx walks right in through the glass doors andsteps up on the scale. She weighs exactly 100 pounds.. But that's with aset of high heels jewelry and some underwear on. She takes a seat on thecouch and gets naked right away no waiting or stalling because as shesays herself I love to get naked. Two sexy little metal studspierce each of her nipples and her belly but they are minor compared tothe piercing prick in this scene pounding her throat! The whole time shekneels down to gag on some cock she keeps cheating with her left hand torub her own clip. Finally her man gets annoyed at her for rubbing herselfwithout permission and smacks her ass hard to retrain her attention.With his cock still in her throat she tries to giggle but only amessy gargle is possible! They change positions a few times butperhaps the best of the bunch is when he shoves her up against a wall andfrisks her cunt with his cock! She tries to talk dirty but his constantthrusting makes her unable to do much more than make whimpering noises!!Like all good fuck sluts Rachel gets down nice and low under his rod tocatch a gooey facial with a smile! Rachel gets the stuffing fucked out of her on Stuffed Petite - Relentless

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