Stuffed Petite Stephanie Cane

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Stuffed Petite Stephanie Cane

Stephanie Kane is a tiny new teen and when we asked her why she was here she smiled and said 'I wana get stuffed!' Well it seems Stephanie has definitely come to the right place because her 5'2 85 pound body is about to get broken-in by big thick dick in one of her first hardcore scenes ever. She claims to like big cocks but we'll put her to the test and find out for sure one way or the other. First she steps on our scale with her size 5 feet and then she pulls down her panties to show you her hairless pink pussy! What you'll like most about Stephanie is you can tell she was getting tired of all the interview questions she just wanted to get right down to the naughty nitty-gritty and start *slobbering* on a cock with her mouth as quick as she could! We didn't let the sucking last too long because we wanted to make sure we had plenty of time to sample her smaller holes as well. When you slide your shlong deep into her little vagina it tightens up around you and her pussy lips start to snuggle the sides of your rod with every deep thrusting pump of her poon! It's hard to hold her in one place because she's so tiny that the fucking makes her petite dumper pop up off the bed and sway from side to side with each jarring attempt you make to impale her on your dick! We rolled her over on her hands and knees so she could hold herself in place easier... which made it possible to even get a few inches deeper on her! You can tell by her yelps that she's not quite ready for anal but she sure knows what to do with a creamy facial!!Stephanie Kane *DOES like big dick* and she's not afraid to prove it!- Relentless

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