Stuffed Petite Tia Tanaka

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Stuffed Petite Tia Tanaka

An After School Stuffing!!! Nothing like getting a piece of ass before the bitch has to do her homework!! This is my favorite kind of fucking!! The best thing is to get my pussy reamed hard like tiny Tia Tanaka does in this HOT scene!!! I mean we're talkin' hair-grabbing push-her-face-into-the-bed RAW SEX!!! Tia Tanaka is one of those girls you can throw around and take her pussy in any way you please!!! Her perfect little innocent face looks GREAT stuffed with dick and after that her petite pussy gets penetrated all scene! I'll bet her box was red and swollen after this Stuffing Session! Us girls will put up with the after-effects if we can get a good hard pounding from you men!!! Sometimes we like it soft... but when we want it rough WE WANT TO BE FUUUUUUUUCKED!!!! Tia's a truly obedient little girl and does everything that she's told to do! "Good girl Tia.... we might just let you off with 'good time'... but probably not - since you've shown us just how BAD you REALLY are!!!" --NeecieStuffedPetite Team Member

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