Throated Aaralyn Barra

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Throated Aaralyn Barra

What more is there to talk about when Aaralyn Barra saunters into a room showing off that killer body and dives right in between your legs? No questions no interview just straight for the throat fucking. After being away from the jizz-soaked floors of a porn studio you might think Aaralyn has forgotten how to drop to her knees and get a guy off in 20 licks. Nope. She's been missing her steady diet of dick and she plunges her mouth all the way down his shaft by the third stroke. She may be all grown up now but she's still a naughty little cock-tease. She get him oh-so-close to the edge of dropping his load and bathing her face in ball juice and then she backs off until she has just the head of his cock in between her soft lips. Aaralyn keeps him seconds away from a sperm blast until she's ready to suck down every drop of his cum like the cum-hungry porn starlet we all know and love. I don't know where Aaralyn Barra has been but we're VERY glad she's back!**Monique**

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