Throated Anita Blue

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Throated Anita Blue

Pigtails are like a set of handlebars -- perfect to use for steering your cock down the throat of a willing cumslut. Anita Blue came through the door with her kneepads on and her mouth open and let our horse hung stud pile-drive down her throat until her eyes got as big as saucers and we were sure she was going to lose the nice lunch we fed her. Why did we feed her before we throat-fucked her? Because we're gluttons for punishment and sometimes we like it messy. She didn't blow chunks this time but she was pretty close. I love that look of distress in a girl's eyes when she realizes the cock is too big for her to swallow and breathe at the same time. Anita is good at taking cock down her throat but we know you Throated fans like it when you see a girl struggle to swallow all that meat. There is more genuine gagging in this scene than in most of our recent throat-fucking flicks combined. Hopefully this sloppy spit-fueled blowjob satisfies your craving for cock cramming!Who wants some of Anita's sloppy cock kisses?*Monique*

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