Throated Bailey Brooks

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Throated Bailey Brooks

Every girl says that she likes sucking cock but how many are willing to prove it? Bailey Brooks looks like she just climbed off the pole at your local strip joint. Her massive tits and perfectly shaved snatch have probably been used to tease this month's rent money out of hundreds of pockets. We didn't want her to get homesick so we fed her some pole to see if she loves sucking cock enough to keep one lodged in her throat. Bailey isn't the kind of girl to lie back and passively get her throat fucked. She took control shoving that cock deeper with every stroke. When she looks up and sticks out her long pink tongue and asks for a load in her mouth you'll feel lucky just to spill yours all over the screen.In the Throated VIP room you never get away with just a tease!*Monique*

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