Throated Cassandra Calogera

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Throated Cassandra Calogera

Girls with funny names give fabulous blowjobs. No really just ask Cassandra Colgera. Her name is definitely a mouthful but we also fed her a mouthful of COCK! Cassandra is built like a woman should be -- big tits wide hips and loves eating dick for dinner. Skinny chicks are cute but I love a girl who can swallow sausage like she's up against Kobayashi in a hot dog eating contest. Cassandra has a great work ethic -- she works her mouth until she gets every inch of dick down her throat and her mouth kisses balls. Her lip ring might be a job hazard in some places but its a sex aid on our set. Between her lip ring rubbing against the head of his cock and her big naturals rubbing against his hands our stud didn't have a chance. He blew a load and painted her face by the 18 minute mark. That's a stellar throat job Cassandra!Try to wrap your brain around Cassandra Colgera and her massive tits!**Monique**

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