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Throated Cassie Young

If any of you members don't believe that women have a fascination with the Cock then take a peek at Cassie Young here! This feisty female sucks and spits all over and she keeps playing with that schlong... she just cannot keep her hands off of it!! Yeah dicks are great to play with... I love Cock!! I wish I could carry a warm hard tube of flesh around with me! I'd hug it and kiss it and have little tea parties with it... (okay that's a little over the top...) Anyway I'm certain that Cassie's love affair with the Cock will last her whole life! Cassie gets her head shoved all the way down on that rod and she gags nice and hard making her ass cheeks clench as her stomach contracts while she chokes!!! I'll bet her snatch is getting wetter and wetter with each gag!!! She definitely earned her privilege to sit in the coveted Deep Throater's Chair!! That's a hard cock to swallow but she clearly makes it all the way down to the balls!! If a girl can kiss the nuts while her lips are wrapped around the shaft she's earned her right to the Throater's Chair!! (I already have mine on order!) -- Coat My Throat **Neecie**

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