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Throated Charley Chase

Some girls have so much fun during their Throated session that they just keep begging to come back for more. Charley Chase is one of those girls. She was ringing our phone off the hook for months begging us to give her another throat-fucking and hook her up with a cock so big that it would make her tonsils ache. Done and done! Since her first throat-fuck session Charley has turned into an even more voracious cocksucker. She's definitely a girl who knows the definition of "balls-deep". She looks right into the camera giving you great eye contact as she shoves that cock deeper and deeper into her throat. Her mouth drools as she swallows all the way down to the balls and blows thirsty saliva bubbles that drip all over his nutsac. This girl is a cock hogging demon! Charley Chase is wetter nastier and throat-fuckier than ever before! You don't need us to tell you how awesome this is! - *Monique*

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