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Throated Debi Diamond

The last time I saw Debi Diamond I knew we'd be bringing her cock-swallowing circus act over to Throated. We needed an experienced older woman to shake things up over here and Debi is the kind of cock-worshiping wild woman that you guys love. You can face fuck her as hard as you want and she's like a cock eating robot who just keeps coming back for more. Her pleasure center must be located in her throat because when she impales her face on his cock she doesn't stop until she's got every inch and even when she starts gurgling and choking she still asks for more. Debi does the old "head over the edge of the couch" trick and takes his cock deeper than you can imagine. She strokes her clit while he fucks her throat deep and leaves her dripping pussy juices on the couch.Open wide and take it deep baby!*Monique*

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