Throated Devin Rae

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Throated Devin Rae

As soon as I saw Devin Rae I wanted to bury my face in her tits and motorboat the hell out of those big boobies. But then I came to my senses and remembered that this is Throated and it would be pretty hard for her to deep-throat a cock with my head in the way. Devin immediately says that she loves to deep-throat and brags that she's taken 12 inches in her throat before. I love it when girls brag about what big cocks they can swallow because it's almost a guarantee that they'll end up choking and getting totally destroyed. I can't say that Devin does a whole lot of gagging but she works it until her face stretches around that thick cock and looks right at the camera with every suck-stroke. If you're a tit-man (or woman...hehe) then watching Devin squeeze her boobs while she tries to swallow cock will be a bonus.How many inches can Devin Rae take?*Monique*

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