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Throated Elli Foxx

Some girls are so nice we gotta bring 'em back twice -- make that three times with Elli Fox. Every few months Elli calls us up complaining that her current boyfriend doesn't have the cojones necessary to fuck her throat. It's a real shame when a girl with such a fantastic mouth can't get the throat-fucking she needs at home. Oh well...his loss is our gain. Elli always comes to the studio with her mouth drooling and ready to swallow a big dick and our guy shoved it down her esophagus like he was barreling down the Holland Tunnel. She kept bottoming out on the cock until she had every inch of it lodged in her windpipe. When Elli finally had her fill of cock we made sure to send her home with a sperm glaze still on her face and cum droplets clinging to her hair so that her boyfiend would know how a real man fucks his girlfriend's throat.Welcome back home Elli. We'll take care of that throat any time!*Monique*

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