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Throated Ginger Lea

*GASP!* Take a deep breath -- "More Cock please!" Ginger Lea just opens her throat and lets this dick fuck it like it's no big deal! And IT IS A BIG DEAL!!! I mean c'mon!! LOOK AT HER -- She is down on her knees the entire time absolutely giving that cock 100% of her attention!! And why not?!? We women love Cock!!! I'm seriously going to start like an awareness campaign for Throat Fucking! All women should be able to suck a dick like Ginger here. Ever heard that a woman's clit is in the back of her throat?? IT'S TRUE!! And I'm going to spread the good word to all the girls out there!! Once a gal appreciates the beauty of being on her knees and letting a big ol' schlong fuck her face there's no turning back!!! Every woman has to experience what Ginger did in this scene: Her soft lips wrapped around a slippery rock-hard cock... and relaxing her head... relaxing her throat... feeling the head of the cock pop in and out of her tonsils... letting that monster stretch into her neck... cutting off her air supply... while the man grabs her by her hair and controls her face!!! Whoa! I'm telling you it gives us an amazing sensation from head to toe that'll make a girl a Throater for life!!! The problem as you know fellas is getting her to try it and be open to it. (I'll have plenty of great tips for that in the near future) But don't worry gorgeous Ginger Lea here already knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about!! You guys should download this scene and show it to your woman! There's plenty of girls who want to be Throated let's go find 'em!!! Deep-Throatings and Cheer--NeecieThroated Team Member

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