Throated India Summer

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Throated India Summer

We told you it was going to be a HoTT Summer!! India Summer is back again after giving the longest blowjob to date on 1000Facials not too long ago!! Man this broad sure does like smoking the meat cigar!! We keep finding her on our doorstep begging us to suck some cock!! So what are we going to do? Turn her away..? Hell NO!!! We say "come on in it's already hard"!!! So here she is giving us all that classic India enthusiasm! She is a true master of the sloppy gurgling blowjobs!! As a matter of fact after we get to stimulate her throat India sucks this Cock so well that he cannot hold back his jizz anymore and he blasts a milky load straight into her mouth!!! When a gal can get this Dick to cum all on her own you know she?s a pro!!! They say you can?t teach an old dog new tricks but I think that?s a crock of shit! So let?s see how far down we can make this bitch go!!!Sucks and Giggles**Neecie**

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