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Throated Jessica Valentino

What does every guy want not just for Valentine's Day but every day? A little mouth lovin'. Who better to invite over for a Valentine's Day romp than the aptly named Jessica Valentino. Our little Cupid showed up in red lingerie covered in hearts. As a matter of fact there were hearts everywhere -- even on her tattoos. I'd take that as a sign of just how much you guys are going to LOVE her! Jessica also had a heart-shaped ass with a crevice so deep that you could practically hear it echo. But its not her ass that we were after this time -- it was her golden throat. We like a girl who rises to a challenge and this little brunette is the kind of girl who is constantly going for more. If she's got 4 inches in her mouth she wants to get the whole thing in her throat. Who were we to deny her the pleasure of a proper throat-fucking? Jessica took total control and shoved that fat cock deeper down her throat on every stroke. It was a wet sticky mess but our little Cupid cleaned it all up like a champ!Jessica can be our Valentine any day of the year!*Monique*

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