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Throated Juliet Flowers

Dirty Defilement!!! We pulled this one out of the archives boys!! It was a little too extreme for it's time but now 2007 can handle it!!! Juliet far surpasses her last performance! This small town girl doubtlessly loves to be strangled smothered beaten gagged bruised and used and all around ABUSED!!! Although Juliet physically cannot stuff that Cock down her throat (shit she can hardly even speak the poor thing) she lets this dude CHOKE her while she's CHOKING on his Cock!!! Totally HoT!! This previously unreleased scene is the shit that Throated was founded on!!! --Pushing the girls' limits-- (And as a female I personally think that we ALL want our limits tested sexually.) But Juliet man... She gags on this big vessel for WAY longer than I think I could even take! And I know she's totally LOVING it!! Whatever made her this way I don't really care... I'm just glad WE get to reap the benefits!! Am I right? Deep-Throatings and Cheer--NeecieThroated Team Member Neecie

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