Throated Juliet Flowers

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Throated Juliet Flowers

This girl was a mercy face fuck. Every guy has left a party with a girl like this and fucked her. When his friends asked him about it the next day he lies about it and says he left her in the parking lot. Meanwhile he fucked her last night and for good measure is seeing her again tonight to finish her off. Why because these girls will take just about anything you throw at them. Juliet is no exception. I started with a little mouth training grabbing her head and showing her the way. Soon enough I was darting my cock in and out of her throat until she chocked on it a bit. Then I knew I found the spot. It was a bit much for her at first but soon enough she got the hang of it. All she had to do was keep her mouth open. Very simple shit. The ending is a classic don't miss it!

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