Throated Kenzi Marie

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Throated Kenzi Marie

All women have big mouths some just put them to better use than others. Buxom blonde Kenzi Marie has a wide mouth that can hoover through a line of cocks like she's at a hotdog-eating contest. She dropped by Throated headquarters in a flirty little schoolgirl skirt and tried to convince our stud to fuck her. But he was in one of those lazy afternoon moods so he decided to let her take total control while he shoved his cock down her throat and unloaded his balls all over her face. When a girl gets a whale cock like this she'll take it any way she can get it so Kenzi opened wide and harpooned her throat on his meat. She choked down so much cock sausage that we though her eyes were going to pop out of her head.Moby Dick has nothing on the cock Kenzi Marie swallows!*Monique*

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