Throated Laurie Vargas

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Throated Laurie Vargas

The best thing about going on vacation is all the foreign strange you can get. The guys have been spending their summer plundering Latina pussy (and throats) and have finally made their way around to Laurie Vargas. Hairy pussy is making a comeback and Laurie is bringing 70's bush back with the jungle she's keeping between her legs. Even though you might have to bring a bushwhacker to make it through her barely trimmed snatch her throat is a clear path. When they give her the cock Laurie chokes as if she's never swallowed a whole burrito before. All that slobbering doesn't stop them from going deeo in her throat and in fact it makes the cock slip in even deeper. He pillages her throat long enough to get a sloppy blowjob and throat-fuck her into submission. Next on the menu? Hair pie!Bye bye Miss Hair Pie!*Monique*

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