Throated Layla Rivera

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Throated Layla Rivera

What do you say to a girl who has her tongue stuck so far up your bunghole she can feel your sphincter tighten? You say "welcome back Layla Rivera". Yep the body (and mouth and tongue) that never stops is back for her second round of throat-poking. It's been a while since we've had Layla here in Throatedland but she still has the same long legs and lethal lips that will suck the life out of a man once they're wrapped around his cock. Layla wiggled her tongue into this guy's ass and became his submissive little fucktoy. She did everything she could to make sure she got every meaty inch of his cock into her throat and washed down his ass juices with a shot of cum.Long legs and a tongue to match!*Monique*

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