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Throated Lexi Belle

Isn't it every man's fantasy to fuck the babysitter? It is when she's a sweet-looking cum gargler like Lexi Belle. Lexi has a babysitting job that pays her 10 bucks an hour. That's not nearly enough for her to pay for college so she has to find a few ways to supplement her income. The father she babysits for unzips his pants and suggests a new way that she can earn some quick cash for college. She goes after his cock with the dedication of a senior preparing for her oral exams. Before he can say "freshman 15"" she has her mouth halfway down his shaft and she's spitting and drooling her way to a deep throating this Daddy won't soon forget. He doesn't show any mercy on the babysitter when he leans her back against the bed and rams her throat until she chokes. This guy must be letting out all the pent up aggression he can't take out on his wife because he face fucks her until the spit goes flying all across the room. The first lesson every college-bound girl should learn is how to keep sperm out of your eye. Lexi Belle still needs a little more practice on that one!I won't tell your wife if you don't!**Monique**

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