Throated London Keyes

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Throated London Keyes

When a girl asks you to hold her hair because she's about to shove your cock deep in her throat what else can you do but grab a handful of hair and watch while she dives face-first into your lap? London Keys is officially one of my favorite new dirty young girls. The way she wrestles a cock in her mouth makes men want to get down on one knee and propose marriage – or at least another go 'round on the meat swallowing merry-go-round. When London impales her face on a cock she doesn't let drooling choking or even your wife stop her. And when you're ready to cum she opens wide and lets you aim your jizz at her face like you're trying to hit the bulls-eye at the winter carnival.Sloppy wet and deep. Just like we like ‘em!*Monique

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