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Throated Melissa Ashley

Melissa is back by popular request. Something about that little mouth and how much she can put in (or tries to put) of my cock just gets me hard. She is a tiny little thing too. What she makes up for upstairs she makes up for in a fantastic pussy. She has one of the tightest cleanest pussy's you'd ever feel. She like me rubbing her clit and fingering her as I shoved her head on my cock. She got pretty damn excited. And the more excited she got the more she dove down harder. So you can guess what I did...fingered the shit out of her box! And I got one great blowjob. Just like a wind up toy. All girls should be like this. She was so into it that when I told her to get on her knees and suck me off she started fingering herself. I finally had a enough and dumped a whole fat load in her mouth! I loved watching it as it dripped all down her chin...

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