Throated Missy Mae

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Throated Missy Mae

I don't know a lot about Missy Mae but I'm pretty sure I can guess her story. She comes from a small podunk town and instead of spending her life wearing a pair of daisy dukes and waiting tables at the Boar's Nest she hopped on the first thing smoking to LA. Sound about right? Well we're so happy she ended up here that we had her back for round two. Missy Mae is about to become the Throated mascot...for this week anyway. This petite little thing has a skill for swallowing big cocks and will do just about anything to get a cock in her mouth. As soon as we told her that she was going to get a big cock to suck she started to squeeze her dark nipples and play with her pussy. But once that cock was in her mouth she was too busy swallowing to do anything else. Missy Mae isn't one of those talkative suckers but she knows how to work her mouth. Those blowjob skills are going to take you far Missy Mae!MIssy you can come back any time!*Monique*

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