Throated Naomi Cruise

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Throated Naomi Cruise

It really isn't a good blowjob until your makeup runs. I just love it when a girl is so into what she's doing that she's lost all sense of decorum. Her mascara is running she can barely breathe and she's leaving a trail of drooling slobber everywhere she turns. Naomi Cruise is the kind of girl that gives her all when it comes to cock-sucking. She's constantly shoving the cock back in her mouth like a greedy girl and each time she tries to get more of it in her throat. Does she stop when her nose starts to run and she's dripping drool on the floor? Hell no! That's when she shifts into cock-gobbling 5th gear and deepthroats him until he's had enough and we find her patiently waiting for her creamy reward to splatter her cumstained face.Score this Throated girl five points for technique zero points for waterproof mascara!*Monique*

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