Throated Nikki Hilton

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Throated Nikki Hilton

Did you know there was another Hilton sister? Nikki might just be even sluttier than her sex-tape-making sister Paris. She has a gag reflex that goes off every time she tries to force a cock down her throat. Does that keep her from trying to stuff a cock down her esophagus? Nope! And that's why we love Nikki Hilton. I was afraid she'd lose her lunch a few times but lucky for our cleanup crew she managed to keep it all in. She takes a sloppy face full of jizz and even though she doesn't swallow it all down (must have been a funky spunk day) she lets it drip on her tits and smiles through a mouth full of spunk.Jizz and giggles!**Monique**

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