Throated Pepper Foxxx

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Throated Pepper Foxxx

Pepper Foxx is a little gap-toothed Latina with more curves than the Autobahn. She comes in with her booty jiggling like she's working the pole and her mouth open like she's ready to swallow some pole. I love a sexy Latina who knows how to handle big cock! Her beautiful lips are made for dick-sucking and she moves those lush lips up and down his shaft until there's not one inch of his cock left for her to swallow. She works the cock like a sloppy slut with her head bobbing and long ropes of spit hanging form her mouth. If you looked down and saw a girl like this with her lips engulfing your entire cock and those big brown eyes looking up at you you'd shoot enough sperm to fill that gap in her teeth.Pepper Foxx is the sexiest thing since the samba!*Monique*

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