Throated Rebecca St. Clair

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Throated Rebecca St. Clair

Rebecca St. Clair thinks she's a badass who can take anything. How do I know? From the piercings all the way down to the tattoos...I can just tell. But can she take a cock in her throat? That's the ten million dollar question. Rebecca might have a "saint" in her name but there's nothing angelic about her. She's got devilish dick sucking skills and she uses them to work over our stunt cock's rod like it's a holy scepter. See that mascara dripping down her face? Those are face-fucking tears of joy. Rebecca St. Claire puts a holy hurting on his cock every time she swallows him deep and then pops the head between her lips. She doesn't let up until she sees his eyes roll back in his head like the Exorcist. Green pea soup anyone?Lip smackin' good!**Monique**

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