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Throated Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!! See?!? I told you all!! This genuine whore was going to blow us away!!! LITERALLY!!!! How in the hell this cutie is 18 years old is just beyond me! She delivers phenomenal performances and strives for a good scene every time!! If you haven't already go check out her scenes on xxxPillowTalk ShareMyCock and 1000Facials!!! But for all you Throated Lovers THIS is the ultimate Sasha Throating clip! When Sasha puts that hard dry Cock in her warm moist little mouth I could feel her pussy getting wet for the both of us!! Sasha is here for the Deep-Throat Challenge and for some FABULOUS reason she doesn't even make it seem like it's an issue!! Fuckin-A!!! Does this chick even HAVE a gag reflex?!? We get her on her knees - cock stuffed down throat - hanging off the couch - cock stuffed down throat - whatever position she takes that big fuckin' Cock and fucks her throat with it!!! Going in and out of her tonsils choking on that schlong making her face all wet and tearing up to smear her makeup!!! Is there a higher grade that I can give than an A+?? How about Grand Master Champion of all Cock-Sucking?!? Yeah... That's her grade... FUCK! That's her gold medal!!!Sucks and Giggles and Throatings Galore!!!Neecie

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