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Throated Scarlett Pain

I love alterna-chicks and I've been DYING for Scarlett Pain to show up here at Throated! I guess someone heard my prayers because here she is in all her 5'2" glory. This little tiny package comes covered in badass tattoos and piercings from lips to clit and in some of the most unexpected places in between. The gold stud in her tongue definitely helps when it comes to tickling the underside of his shaft as it makes its way all the way down to her tonsils. There's no faking the kind of deep-throat love Scarlett gives in this video. She doesn't just suck cock -- she worships the cock! She starts off by kissing his balls and suctions them between her wet lips and then runs her tongue all the way up his shaft before taking him all the way down her throat. Absolutely nothing stops Scarlett when it comes to getting her throat fucked by every inch of his manmeat. You really have to love a girl who has to be practically surgically extracted off the cock and then says 'thank you' for the nice load.Scarlett is all pleasure no pain!*Monique*

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