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Throated Selena Silver

Selena is a little treat from Down Under. Australia that is. If all Australian girls are like her I taking a vacation soon! She loves cock. Listen to her talk about it. You can see her getting excited as she talks about giving blowjobs and licking balls (or 'bowls' as she says it). She also is a natural deepthroater who loves to have a hard one in her throat. She practically swallowed me whole. My favorite and she does it great. I knew I could get it pretty deep if I turned her over and put her head over the bed. I planned to have her on her knees like a good girl should be when I came on her. But I her mouth felt so good I dumped my load and watched it stream down her mouth and chin right into her eyes! She was a good sport about it and did exactly as we told her and we snapped of some good photos for you guys too!

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