Throated Sindee Rose

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Throated Sindee Rose

Sindee Rose is the kind of girl you'd hook up with at a concert and party with all afternoon. The two of you would share your booze and when you're both feeling good you'd sneak off to her camper for a quickie. You can tell Sindee all the kinky shit you like because you know it's just going to be a one time thing. Fuck her face and ask her to suck your balls as much as you want and she'll never think you're a freak. Along with an openness for ball-sucking we found Sindee's gag reflex in perfect working order. Whether we put her in 69 or POV she just kept gagging. As a matter of fact the only time she wasn't gagging is when she was juggling a pair of balls in her mouth. I don't know if she ate a big meal or partied too hard the night before but sometimes it's just fun to watch a girl struggle to keep her lunch down. Anyone got a bucket?

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