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Throated Sugar Kane

Sugar is great girl. This girl is very unassuming looking but that's where she can catch you off guard. She talks in this little cute voice has a sweet little smile skin like butter and some fantastically great feeling tits. But the best part of her is that this girl has a great mouth and knows how to use it. Her lips and tongue seem to me be made for sucking cock. I could have sat there for about 4 hours if she would have let me. Instead I let her do her magic for a good 30+ minutes. She did everything I told her at the snap of a finger. I wielded my magic powers of deepthroat suggestion on her and had her stuffing my fatty in her mouth after 10 minutes of throat-loosening. Then I put my one of my new trademark "wall fucks" on her to get her mouth opened as wide as it would go. And then she opened wide like a good girl as I dumped a half a cup of cum in her mouth. She looked perfect with cum dripping down her mouth chin and all over her great tits!

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