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Throated Tiffany

24 year old Asian cutie Tiffany gets things off to a great start when she says she loves the sensation of a big cock in her mouth. This was going to be her first attempt at deepthroating so she asked us to be patient with her. After a look at that tiny mouth we knew that a warmup was necessary so out came the training dildo to get her mouth and throat warmed up. Not for long-she was pretty anxious to get started because she went right for trying to get as much of the real thing down her throat as well! She was gagging at the start (she told us she was glad she had not eaten beforehand-so we gave her a break and a chance to show off her other blowjob skills. Then it was back to more messy facefucking before she tried to really go all out-this is one determined girl who really gives it her best effort! What she might lack in experience she more than compensates for with enthusiasm effort and hunger. And of course her efforts are rewarded with a messy facial that she eagerly receives!

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