Throated Victoria Valentino

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Throated Victoria Valentino

Dark hair dark eyes deep throat...what's not to like about this DD princess? Victoria Valentino is an absolute stunner. Our stud starts off fucking her throat but he can only hold himself back from slapping his cock in between her tits for so long. When a chick is this hot you want to fuck her mouth her throat her tits...hell you'd even fuck her kneecaps if she asked you to. Victoria is a girl who wants it BAD. She takes control of this scene and impales her throat on his cock like she's trying to give herself a tonsillectomy. The mouth-slurping and throat-gurgling are like a fucking mating call that conjures sperm from any set of nearby balls. Soon she's got a mouthful of baby batter and nowhere to spit it. My advice?Just swallow!**Monique**

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