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Hardcore Mega Pass Casey

Episode #96 took a bit longer than the average humiliation, mainly because Casey was such a 'Good girl'. She came in to do some modeling, and even had a problem getting naked for that. I took around 3 different series of her and than finally this series, where I had her masturbate and do some pantyhose play, during her masturbation in this series I was close enough with the video camera to hear that her pussy was getting pretty wet, which generally tells me she is getting excited, and that's always a chance for me to work my magic. I began my rant, and bribes in order to get her to do what I wanted her to do, I mean her lips were so hot, nice and shinny, and her body speaks for itself, this girl is an easy 10 out of 10. I continued to work on her while I continued to keep her masturbating to get those extra juices flowing, finally I got her to agree, a blowjob it would be. You'll hae to check out to see just how much more I got after that too.

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