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Hardcore Mega Pass Tammy

O.k, to be honest with you in the 97 Previous Facial Humiliation sluts, I haven't had a slut walk in that was as dirty and filthy as this little fuck pig, this girl straight up told me she was a nympho and came in because she was feeling horny, as we began to chat it up, she explained how she loved cum on her face. I asked her how she felt about having one of my lacky slacker employee's fuck her brains out, this little fuck pig was up for it right away, right off the bat. So I decided, who the fuck am I to stop a girl from acting like a tramp, sure this isnt your normal trick the dumb bitch gig, but the action this little tramp puts out is top notch. Kudos to Humiliation #98 our little Fuck Pig Tammy.

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